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          These gem trees were made by yours truly and not the cheap stuff coming out of China or Thailand.  I have tried to match each tree with a contrasting base.  For some, I have added a few quartz crystals and a pewter figurine.  These are really cool gift items.   Thanks for looking.

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Item # GEMT0013

     Gem tree made from Brass wire, polished Citrine Chip beads for leaves and a base made from a polished Big Bend, TX Agate.  Also included is a pewter figurine of a fairy .   The ap-proximate dimensions are : 6 inches W X 6 inches D X 6-8 inches D. 

$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0014


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0015


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0016


$ 35.00

   Sold !!!






Item # GEMT0017


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0018


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0019


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0020


$ 35.00







Item # GEMT0021


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0022


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0023


$ 35.00


Item # GEMT0024


$ 30.00




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